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Name: Eric Cole
City: Gresham
Region: Oregon
Country: US
Email: eric@worldwidebluegrass.com
Website: www.myspace.com/oregonterritorybluegrass

Most Bluegrass music biographies start at the beginning. This one does, too. Well, at the beginning of Eric’s Bluegrass life, anyway. He was born and raised in Oregon and most of his life has been spent within the boundaries of the Oregon Territory. He is very fond of the adage, “American by choice, Oregonian by the Grace of God.” Business, vacation and a stint with the United States Air Force have been reasons for his leaving the Territory. Bluegrass music has been a part of Eric’s heritage since before he had enough sense, or years of experience, to realize it. Imagine that! Oregon Territory Bluegrass music has been around for more than just a few years. It is really not too surprising, because many of Eric’s ancestors arrived in Oregon via Virginia and North Carolina. Even though Eric has no previous Bluegrass DJ training, other than adolescent experiences with friends, his voice has the unique warm sound of a gently bowed Bluegrass fiddle and is perfect for representing the sounds of Oregon Territory Bluegrass music. Eric’s Dear Wife, Nancy, has valiantly remained at his side since 1979. They have four children: three girls and one boy. All are now beyond the “adult” age but remain to be referred to as “girls and a boy” by their parents. Thanks to Gracie Muldoon, Eric was successfully enticed away from the Rhonda Vincent Message Board with an invitation to listen to the best Bluegrass music in the world at WorldWideBluegrass.com. Gracie has been chumming the Bluegrass DJ waters all around Eric since the spring of 2006, and he finally decided to jump onto the WorldWideBluegrass.com DJ hook!! The Bluegrass music airwaves will never be the same! Please listen to “Eric’s Oregon Territory Bluegrass”. Photographs used with permission from Flash From The Past Old Time Photos http://oldtimephotos101.com
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